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Convert Image to PDF (Safe Scripts)


Convert JPEG, JPG and PNG to PDF

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When it comes to free apps or any kind of online services, we need to realize that the personal data we’re giving away has monetary value.

If the document is in Image format and you passed it through an online converter in order to convert the file in PDF format then this means that the file must have passed through a third party before getting a final product.

It is more safe, if your PDF converter is a local desktop application or simple scripts. Especially if it doesn’t access internet connection. But finding such local desktop application can be a daunting task. Even if one would like to get a blocked pirated application, it could be more worse than free online converter as this application may contain virus, keylogger, or ransomwares.

Thus instead of relaying on such options, one should opt for handy-candy scripts. My humble request to reader is to find more such handy and use them as per their requirements.



Step 1) Download and Install Python 

Step 2) Install img2pdf via pip py -m pip install img2pdf

Step 3) Use these scripts as per your requirements


Explore similar types of scripts and share down below in comments.

Some example scripts to explore



We would greatly appreciate it, if you kindly give me some feedback/response.

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