How to start Web Development ? Every beginner first question…

Are You fresh web developer or a professional ? Are You confuse about where to start what to study how to prepare interview, then don’t worry… this article will get your all doubts cleared now continue to reading…

First question that arises is – What are the steps to start web development ?

Web development road map follow to step by step very soft skill to be become a job start business and you placement a better company very simple practical skill.

Step 1: Pick the Skills You Need to Work in Web Development

  1. Front End Web Development Skills.
  2. Back End WebDevelopment Skills.
  3. Start with the Basic 3: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  4. Find a Web Development Community for Feedback and Advice.
  5. Take on Test Projects to Build Up a Portfolio—Even If You Don’t Have a Web Developer Job.

All beginner three option you know ?

  1. Essential stuff
  2. Front-end
  3. Back-end

First to be important common skill

Three skill are important

  • Git & Github
  • Basic terminal command / linux
  • SSI, Protocols / Apis
IDE or Code Editors

Essential stuff

What are the essential for web development Web development tools have come a long way in just a few short years. Thanks to this progress, we can harness the power of highly tested libraries to improve our workflow and benefit from greater possibilities when it comes to responsive design. Not only that, we can build things together thanks to ever-improving version control systems. From browser add-ons and plugins, to processors that streamline your code, there have never been more possibilities for creating awesome web applications

The 7 Essential Tools For Frontend Web Development

  • Sublime Text.
  • Chrome Developer Tools.
  • jQuery.
  • GitHub.
  • Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Angular.js.
  • Sass.

Best web development tools in 2021: software platforms for website developers

  • Sketch.
  • InVision Cloud.
  • Sublime Text.
  • Foundation.
  • Chrome DevTools.
  • Visual Studio Code.
Front End Languages


The frontend of a software program or website is everything with which the user interacts. From a user standpoint, the frontend is synonymous with the user interface. … In other words, the front end of an application or website should be intuitive and easy to use.

front end is the graphical user interface of a computer that makes it easier to use. For example, Microsoft Windows 3.11 was a front end for the MS-DOS command line. Before Windows, the user had to memorize a series of commands to perform tasks on the command line that made computers difficult for most users.

What is the Front-End languages

Front end languages include HTML, CSS, and Javascript. While JQuery is going out of style (modern browsers can now do the same work, but much more quickly than jQuery), many legacy projects still use JavaScript library, so don’t be surprised to see it on a bootcamp’s curriculum

Which language is best for Front-End.

By default, JavaScript is at the first place when it comes to frontend development. Based on the StackOverflow survey (the survey involved by 64,000 developers), it is on the top among both frontend and backend programming languages and stays ahead of Java, Python, PHP, C#, and others.

Every one ask HTML is programming language

HTML is a programming language by the majority of accounts. It is a markup language and it ultimately gives declarative instructions to a computer. This is the definition of a computer program, making HTML a programming language.

Back End Chart and how it works


In the computer world, the “backend” refers to any part of a website or software program that users do not see. It contrasts with the frontend, which refers to a program’s or website’s user interface. … Everything that happens before the page is displayed in a web browser is part of the backend

In simple words, when you visit an e-commerce website, let’s say Flipkart – the attractive layout and design of the website you see on your device are actually created by Frontend Developers but when you log in to your account, add the required items in the cart, do the payment and checkout – all these server-side functionalities comes under Backend Development.  

Back-end Development refers to the server-side development. It focuses on databases, scripting, website architecture. … Code written by back-end developers helps browsers to communicate with database information. Example: Most common example of Backend programming is when you are reading an article on the blog.

Programming languages for backend web development

  1. PHP. Majority of websites on the world wide web use PHP as the backend.
  2. Python. The open source language has emerged as one of the most popular and important languages for developers .
  3. Ruby.
  4. Java.
  5. Rust.

Apart from these above-mentioned Programming, Frameworks, Databases, Web Servers, Project Management Tools,, etc – there are numerous other tools as well that are equally important, and you can explore them also as a backend web developer. For instance, you can further explore various Code Editors and IDEs, Website Performance Tools, Testing Tools, and so on as per your requirements!!

Any question web development regarding ask comment section your all question I answered.

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