Windows 11 Overview & things need to know

Why upgrade to Windows 11?

Windows 11 is the next level Operating System; it is well improved in the features which Windows 10 did not provided. It offers an overall performing tasks, so the user need not to worry to install extras of packages into the PC. Windows 11 is designed to satisfy all the work or working environment of the users in its inbuilt functionality. User will be experiencing an overall experience because this does it all, we have to just install this new OS only and rest is just happiness, as it provides many inbuilt functions for which we were running to install from the third parties or software venders. This going to be an overall package itself. 

Key Features

Windows 11 will be providing mixed experience of android apps and windows user interface.

Many themes can be applied as we do in android, its transparency is just amazing and looks premium.

Multi windows providing different layout styles suit for your working environments.

Video chat is more than a need in this pandemic, yes Windows 11 provides an easier way to get connected.

And bye-bye to the android emulators, Windows 11 does it all. Yes we can now directly work with our android stuffs, its friendly with android working environment, the first OS with inbuilt functionality for android interface.

Many widgets are loaded to meet your needs. Clocks, weather forecast etc.

Taskbar provides Mac like view at the center, sort and switch between tasks. More are on the way, so stay tuned for more interesting stuff about Windows 11.

Windows 11 Snap feature showing three applications on one screen


So if you want to compete the world, you have to be updated. First of all the place where you work need to be convenient and faster(system). So according to me if you wish to do so more conveniently, so Windows 11 will be wise choice according to me, all the things at one place right. I suggest to keep your machines upgraded now to get mixed up with the future experiences like Windows 11, or modify(upgrade) your present working device (PC, Laptop etc..), you will not regret on this decision for sure. Thanks.

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