Google Camera is one of the wonders among Android devices. It is the holy grail of Google Pixel smartphones since it is behind the marvelous pictures captured by these devices. While other companies are relying on multiple cameras to deliver high-quality shots, Google Pixels are sustained by powerful software and applications. Pixel smartphones are blessed with this technology that makes them some of the best smartphones in the photography market. They have official support for advanced features like Astrophotography, High-Resolution Video Recording, AI-powered HDR, and many others. The community is fast, and after successful GCam iterations of GCam 8.0,  we finally have a working Gcam 8.1 mod for Android smartphones. The new updated version brings a set of interesting features and improvements. It has been bought to us by the hands of Arnova8G2, one of the leading developers in the GCam project.

What is Gcam?

In short, Gcam is a mod that aims to bring the Google Camera app to several smartphones and ensure that all features work with them. There are several variations of Gcam. Some are meant for multiple Android devices, while others are made specifically for a single smartphone. Currently, there are multiple developers working on Gcam and an active community of users using the Mod. We have several devices being supported by these mods. GCam has been improving the photography scene no matter if you have a premium or a mid-range smartphone.

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